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Elite-C (rev3.1) Microcontroller
Elite-C (rev3.1) Microcontroller
Elite-C (rev3.1) Microcontroller
Elite-C (rev3.1) Microcontroller
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Elite-C (rev3.1) Microcontroller

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    This item is a preorder item. It is currently not in stock, though it is on backorder. It's estimated to ship by mid April. You can choose to reserve your items now, or wait until they're in stock.

    Update April 1st: The estimated shipping date is now mid April. Production has been finished, we now wait on shipping to Thank you for your patience.

    The Elite C is an alternative to the popular Pro Micro microcontroller often used in split keyboards. It has some important pros over the Pro Micro:

    • A through hole mounted USB C port makes it much less prone to breaking than that of the Pro Micro;
    • The preinstalled DFU bootloader provides additional protection when flashing the microcontroller;
    • Comes with six more I/O pins to work with than the Pro Micro so you'll be able to add many more mods.

    You can even use the Elite-C alongside a Pro Micro: Use the Elite-C on the master side of the keyboard, and the Pro Micro on the slave side. This gives you the benefits of both!


    • Compatible with all Pro-Micro based PCBs;
    • USB-C port;
    • 1.0mm thick makes for a lower profile yet sturdy build;
    • ATmega32u4 microcontroller with DFU bootloader;
    • 5 additional I/O pins broken out for a total of 23 pins;
    • USB pins broken out;
    • On-board reset button.

    Frequently asked questions

    Question: On a split keyboard, can I use the Elite-C as the master and a Pro Micro as the slave?

    Answer: You can! They are compatible with one another. Mind though that the Elite C comes with a different bootloader than the Pro Micro, using DFU instead of Catarina. This means that you'll need to pay attention when flashing it: flash the Elite-C with :dfu, and the Pro Micro with :avrdude.

    Question: I tried flashing the Elite-C with the QMK Toolbox, but it won't work. How can I fix that?

    Answer: You might need to install drivers, or update your existing ones. Please refer to the QMK documentation on Zadig.

    Product photo courtesy of Spacecat Design.

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