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Elite-C (rev3.1) Microcontroller
Elite-C (rev3.1) Microcontroller
Elite-C (rev3.1) Microcontroller
Elite-C (rev3.1) Microcontroller
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Elite-C (rev3.1) Microcontroller

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    The Elite C is an alternative to the popular Pro Micro microcontroller often used in split keyboards. It has some important pros over the Pro Micro:

    • A through hole mounted USB C port makes it much less prone to breaking than that of the Pro Micro;
    • The preinstalled DFU bootloader provides additional protection when flashing the microcontroller;
    • Comes with six more I/O pins to work with than the Pro Micro so you'll be able to add many more mods.

    You can even use the Elite-C alongside a Pro Micro: Use the Elite-C on the master side of the keyboard, and the Pro Micro on the slave side. This gives you the benefits of both!


    • Compatible with all Pro-Micro based PCBs;
    • USB-C port;
    • 1.0mm thick makes for a lower profile yet sturdy build;
    • ATmega32u4 microcontroller with DFU bootloader;
    • 5 additional I/O pins broken out for a total of 23 pins;
    • USB pins broken out;
    • On-board reset button.

    Frequently asked questions

    Question: On a split keyboard, can I use the Elite-C as the master and a Pro Micro as the slave?

    Answer: You can! They are compatible with one another. Mind though that the Elite C comes with a different bootloader than the Pro Micro, using DFU instead of Catarina. This means that you'll need to pay attention when flashing it: flash the Elite-C with :dfu, and the Pro Micro with :avrdude.

    Question: I tried flashing the Elite-C with the QMK Toolbox, but it won't work. How can I fix that?

    Answer: You might need to install drivers, or update your existing ones. Please refer to the QMK documentation on Zadig.

    Product photo courtesy of Spacecat Design.

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