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3204 Lubricant / 10g

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Mechanical keyboards are all about providing you with a unique, personalized experience. One of the more advanced modifications you can do is to apply lubricant to switches, which is can give them a more consistent feel by smoothing out slight inconsistencies that the material may have.

3204 is a medium-viscosity perfluoropolyether (PFPE) grease, thickened with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Its recommended application is for use on linear switches.

This lubricant was manufactured in the United States and has been packaged by

In the package

  • 10g 3204 grease (approximately 5ml)
  • Brush


To open switches so you can lube them, you'll need a switch opener.

Lubing switches can have a positive effect on switch feel, but when applying too little or too much, may also negatively affect the feel. When you're unfamiliar with lubing switches, apply lube to a small number of switches first and experiment.

Lubed or otherwise modified switches are not eligible for returns.

⚠ Warning: When working with this lubricant, use gloves and eye protection. This lubricant cannot be washed off with water and may be harmful when ingested. When you get this lubricant in your eye, rinse thoroughly and consult a doctor.