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Legended MBK Choc Low Profile Keycaps

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    This product is part of a group buy. This group buy ended on February 15th. It is planned to start shipping from May 15th, and there will be a small supply of extras to be released after everything has shipped. If you'd like to be notified when they are available, please use the notification button above. Items ordered together with these keycaps will ship once all items in your order are in stock.

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    The MBK keycaps turned out to be pretty popular! With scooped tops which hugs your fingertips, high corners to easily find keys, and a flat profile these keycaps will be sure to please both eyes and hands. The keycaps adhere to the standards of the Kailh keycaps, and so these keycaps will fit on all keyboards that support Kailh Choc switches.

    The homing keys feature a tactile ridge that can be easily felt, but isn't distracting. The MBK keycaps are a uniform profile, meaning every row has the same shape. Because of this, it's very versatile in choosing which layout you'd want, whether that's QWERTY or an alternative layout.


    The keycaps are available in various bundles, with the new additions being the legended alphas and mods. This means that next to the blank keycaps that were available at first, now you can also choose keycaps with dye-subliminated legends on them!


    The alpha sets are available in various colors. Choose from the minimalist and stylish looks of the Black on White and White on Black sets, go with the bolder Legend set which sees a more muted gray colour, or go bold and bright with the Myth set with the alphas set in white Cherokee characters on a red backdrop.

    All alpha sets come with a full set of alpha characters, a set of numbers for the number row, and a set of additional homing keys to allow you to use them for popular keyboard layouts such as Dvorak, Colemak, Colemak-DH, Workman and others.

    A part of the profits of the Myth set will be donated to the Cherokee Preservation Foundation to help protect the endangered language and culture. You can read more about this on Reddit.


    The mod sets are available in the colors of Black on White, White on Black and in the coloured set with gray keycaps and orange accents called Legend. Each set has both icon mods and text mods and a set of blank 6√ó1u, 4√ó1.5u and 4√ó2u keycaps to make them compatible with a wide range of both split- and non-split keyboards.


    Blank keycaps are available as well, check out Blank MBK Choc Low Profile Keycaps.

    The alpha and mod sets are available unlimited while the group buy is active. The blanks are available while supplies last, and will ship alongside the group buy keycaps as the blanks are currently in production.

    Technical Specifications

    • Material: PBT
    • Color options: White / Black
    • Dimensions: 17.5x16.5mm (1u/homing); 26.5x16.5mm (1.5u); 35.5x16.5mm
    • Stabilizer support: as per Kailh‚Äôs specifications (2u only)

    The product contains only the keycaps shown in the bundles. The keyboards and other images are for illustrative purposes.