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[GROUP BUY] Corne-ish Zen

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Size: 6 columns (3x6)
Color: Black

This item is a group buy item. Your order will ship once all items within it are in stock. The estimated time for it to ship is Q4 2022. What is a group buy?

The Corne-ish Zen is a premium, ultra-portable, and incredibly low profile wireless split mechanical keyboard.

It is inspired by the very popular CRKBD (Corne) keyboard designed by the talented Foostan. We changed almost everything about it, but its heritage is obvious.

Corne-ish Zen Keyboard Features

  • Fully assembled. No soldering required!
  • Preinstalled Kailh Choc Low Profile Switches (with hot swap). Add a bundled switch, and they'll be installed and tested. Or choose any of your favourite Kailh Choc v1 (PG1350) switches and simply click them into the hot-swappable keyboard.
  • Choc spacing. 18x17mm key spacing, minimizing gaps between keys
  • Wireless with Bluetooth by default. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 module with CE, FCC, and RoHS Certifications. This module uses the Nordic NRF52840 SOC which has a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 CPU on board running at 64MHz. Keyboard is also usable over USB, where the right half will still operate wirelessly.
  • Powered by ZMK Firmware. Comes flashed with ZMK, powerful wireless-first firmware.
  • Dual E-Paper displays. Built-in 1.05” E-paper screen on each half. Standard status screen is customizable in ZMK 180mAh lithium polymer batteries included and installed in each half.
  • USB C charging. Charge your wireless keyboard halves with an industry-standard USB-C cable, ESD protected.
  • Snappable Pinky Column. Snap off the outer column to use it in its smaller 5-column configuration. Beware though, you can't un-snap it ;)

Corne-ish Zen Case Features

  • Milled Aluminium. CNC aluminum case machined from a solid billet of 6061 aluminum
  • Injection moulded baseplates. Injection molded smoked acrylic baseplate (3x6 only), Injection molded black ABS baseplate (3x5 only).
  • Travel case included. Carry your Zen with you wherever you go.

Group Buy Details

This group buy is unlimited - there's no limit on the number of keyboards sold. It will run until May 24th 2022, after which it's not possible anymore to place an order for this group buy. It doesn't matter when you place your order during the group buy: all keyboards placed through us will ship at roughly the same time.

The group buy will ship in Q4 2022.

PCBs are not sold separately through Replacements may be purchased through after the group buy under warranty.

Orders for this group buy cannot be edited - please take the time to look over your items properly before placing the order. Cancellations for this group buy may incur a 3% transaction fee which will be deducted from the refunded amount.


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