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Elora Keyboard rev 1.0


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The Elora is a 62-key keyboard, based on the Kyria by It comes preassembled (no soldering!), is compatible with Vial so you don't need to program or compile your firmware, and accepts Myriad modules so you can add cool features with just a screwdriver. Let's dive in!

Explore the options with the Composer

Using the Composer, it's easy to get all the parts this build requires! You'll just need to add keycaps manually, as well as other parts you might want duplicates of - the Composer will tell you when that's useful to do.

What's the Elora?

The Elora is an evolved version of the Kyria that comes with a number row, and has an emphasis on ease of use for beginners, as well as being hackable for advanced customers It comes preassembled: the only tool you need is a screwdriver.

What's Myriad?

Myriad is a system that allows you to plug in modules to add new functionality to your keyboard, all without having to solder. It's an open source standard, meaning that anyone will be able to create their own modules, which you can then plug into your keyboard. It's a very capable standard, so we're very curious to see what other modules you will come up with!


The Elora supports the following features:

  • A comfortable 62 keys, including a number row. It's perfect for beginners who want to feel what a split keyboard feels like without the layout feeling cramped, and a nice option for people who know they frequently use the number row, like typists, gamers, some software engineers and Excel warriors.
  • Powered by QMK and Vial firmware. Vial makes it especially easy to configure your keyboard, as there is no need to do any programming or compilation.
  • Powered by an RP2040 controller, it’s quick enough to handle anything a keyboard should be able to do… and much more.
  • 16 megabytes of flash memory ensure that it’s ready for just about everything. Putting a sped-up movie on an RGB display you’ve wired up to your prototyping Myriad module? Say no more.
  • Supports MX switches with preassembled hot-swap sockets. No soldering iron needed. You can solder them to the alternative set of pads if you'd prefer to, though.
  • Supports Choc switches by soldering. This does require assembly with tools like a soldering iron. Hot swap is still possible using Mill-Max sockets, which too require soldering.
  • Subtle RGB underglow with 6 LEDs per half to personalise the colour of your keyboard. It can be disabled for those who don't want it.
  • Supports the tenting puck, which allows you to mount it to most camera tripods so you can place your keyboard at exactly the angle you want it.
  • Supports up to one Myriad module per half, so you can add a myriad of available modules without having to solder.
  • Supports up to one 128x64 pixel OLED display per half, which doesn't require assembly.
  • There's a jack for foot pedal or external switch support. You can use one such switch per half by default, but the wiring supports up to three external switches per half. Great for accessibility purposes, or just plain fun if you want to hook up a digital foot pedal to your voice chat software, game or whatever else you can think of.
  • If you're into soldering, you can put up to three encoders per half on seven predefined locations: near the top of the thumb cluster, at the innermost thumb cluster button, or each location on the outer columns. If you don't want to assemble, you can of course still use a rotary encoder Myriad module.

Package contents

Purchasing this item gets you the following items:

  • Elora Keyboard rev1.0 PCBs: The left and right half of the Elora, forming the base of the keyboard.
  • Elora Quick Start Guide: A small paper manual getting you up to speed on the basics of using your Elora.
  • Elora Sticker: A fancy holographic sticker with the Elora emblem. It's round, and 45mm in diameter.

    What's required?

    Beyond the kit contents, you'll also need to get the following items to make a working keyboard:

    What's optional?

    You can get these options to add some bling to your keyboard:

    • A set of case parts is recommended to use to protect your keyboard during use and transport;
    • Up to 2 Myriad modules. We sell them individually so you can mix and match, or in a neat Founder's Edition, which gives you a discount when getting one of every module.
    • 2 × 128x64 OLED display (hotswap sockets come presoldered);
      • When using a display, you usually can't use a Myriad module at the same time.
    • Up to 6 × Encoder with knobs;
      • Encoders can replace key positions on the keyboard, marked with a number on the back side of it. They require soldering.
      • If you'd prefer to use an encoder but wouldn't like to solder, you may use a Myriad Encoder module instead.
    • 2 × Tenting puck (compatible with most camera tripods, like the Manfrotto Pocket Tripod).

    Build guide

    A build guide will follow before the final release. In short, though: get the top plate, put the switches in, screw on the bottom plate and the OLED cover if you have one, plug in the TRRS cable, then plug in the USB cable and... done! It'll work out of the box after that, it comes pre-flashed with Vial firmware - it'll even work with the macropad, joystick and encoder modules without having to recompile or flash anything. Nice!


    • What about warranty? Two years! If your keyboard breaks, please send an email to and we'll do our best to find a good solution for you.
      • Just to be sure: This does exclude damage by wrongful use, such as damage to the hotswap sockets by wrongly inserting switches, damage caused by unplugging the TRRS cable while the power is plugged in, and damage caused by plugging in a wrongly soldered, non-stock Myriad card.
      • Soldering to your Elora will void your warranty. We'll do our best to support you regardless, though!
    • It looks pretty complex, how do you know whether it works? Every Elora PCB has its own unique serial number. We've written custom testing firmware and software, and every PCB gets ran through a rigorous semi-automated testing suite. We can view all test results in our database, so we're sure that all keyboards passed our test suite.

      The case and keycaps shown are not included with this item. The keycaps shown are MT3 White on Black, the case options are an aluminium plate, tinted OLED cover, grey felt sound dampening mat and a frosted bottom plate.