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To be able to enjoy our world tomorrow, we need to take care of it today. That's why we take steps to reduce and compensate for any negative impact that manufacturing, shipping and recycling our products takes.

Our impact in manufacturing

We try to manufacture and source parts locally where possible. Next to this, we ensure that materials comply with modern regulations and that workers enjoy a safe work environment.

We also try to source renewable and recycled materials where possible. As we continue to progress, we are able to keep improving our manufacturing and packaging.

Electronics and components are guaranteed to be compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), meaning they do not contain any lead, among other substances. This enables products to be recycled more easily and will reduce the waste entering the environment.

Our impact in shipping

We purchase carbon offsets to cover all shipping through Shopify Planet. While not perfect, it's a step in the right direction.

We try to prevent unnecessary shipping movements. When sourcing products, we try to bundle purchases as much as possible. And if you ask a question to support, we'll try our best to automatically match your order and hold it, so we have the opportunity to correct your address or add or remove items, preventing mistakes before shipping happens.

Our impact in recycling

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We've set out to minimize the amount of packing material, while keeping the things that add value.

We're transitioning all of our packaging material to be (partly) manufactured out of recycled materials, and to be able to be fully recycled as well. Over the past years, we've replaced all plastics in the outer packaging with paper-based products, as well as the padding within the box. All inner packaging is fully recyclable, and in part made of 50% recycled plastics.

We'll continue to improve as we go. As we continue to grow, new packaging options are opening up, and we'll keep minimizing our footprint.

Your impact

This story doesn't end with us: it's merely the beginning. We set out to make products that you'll be able to enjoy for years, and by making layout testers available, you're able to test products before buying. Don't like your keyboard, or are you changing to a new keyboard? Consider selling it secondhand, giving it away or bringing it to a recycling station for it to be disposed of properly. That way, you're doing your part in keeping our planet a healthy one. Thanks!