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Aurora Corne Low Profile Case

Original price €3,26 - Original price €14,83
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€14,83 excluding taxes
€3,26 - €14,83
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€14,83 excluding taxes
Bundle: [PREORDER] Top Plate / Bead Blasted Aluminium / Set of 2
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The FR4 and aluminium plates aren't in stock yet, but can be preordered.

  • FR4 plates are set to ship by early December 2022.
  • Bead blasted aluminium should ship by the end of December 2022 (and likely won't make it to you before Christmas). Orders already placed (before November 14th) will make it before Christmas, don't worry :)
This means that only acrylic plates ship directly until the rest gets in stock. I recommend to use acrylic top plates only with the handsolder kit. If you're using hotswap sockets, please consider preordering the FR4 or aluminium plates.

Complete your Aurora Corne kit with a variety of case options. All options on this page are low profile, and consist of a set of top plates, a set of bottom plates, and a hardware set.

All case options are compatible with all switches supported by the Aurora Corne, so it's compatible both with MX and Kailh Choc switches.

Most acrylic case options are cut on order, and will be fulfilled within one to three business days.

How to choose

  • Pick a set of top plates. If you're using hot swap sockets, don't pick acrylic top plates, as they're too thick to retain the switches.
  • Pick any set of bottom plates. If you'd like to use a set of tenting pucks, pick a set of puck plates, as they'll have the cutout required to fit a puck.
  • Pick any set of OLED covers. The OLED is still visible with a tinted cover, while it does a better job of hiding other components. The clear cover keeps everything visible.
  • Lastly, add a set of mounting hardware. This isn't included by default (so you can choose multiple sets of plates without having to get a lot of extra hardware).

Hardware kit

The hardware kit includes mounting hardware compatible with all Aurora Series low profile cases, and may include some additional hardware you won't need for this specific kit. Every hardware kit contains:

  • 16 × 6mm brass M2 spacer
  • 16 × 8mm brass M2 spacer
  • 10 × 12mm brass M2 spacer
  • 48 × 5mm metal M2 screw
  • 12 × Adhesive rubber bump-on


  • Acrylic plates in the various colors are 3mm thick, with a tolerance of +-0.7mm (though will usually fall within +-0.3mm).
  • FR4 material plates are 1.6mm thick and are finished with ENIG (nickel coated with gold).
  • Aluminium plates are 1.5mm thick and have a bead blasted finish. They're lightweight, but very sturdy.
  • For the hardware kit, the spacers are brass-colored metal. The screws are silver-colored.


  • If you're using a kit that supports hot swap sockets, or plan to use a kit in which you hot swap your switches, do not get a set of acrylic top plates. Switches will not clip into the acrylic plates, as these plates are too thick. They're fine to use on hand solderable builds, but it'll be a frustrating experience to use them with hot swapped switches.
  • Of course, bottom plates don't have anything to do with switches and hot swapping, so those are always fine to use.
  • If you're unsure whether you want to use the tenting pucks, you can always get a set of normal plates along with your kit. They'll remain available for purchase, so you can always swap them out later, too. Similarly, if you're not using a puck now, you can upgrade later and get a set of puck plates with your puck.