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Corne LP Group Buy

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Color: Silver
Edition: Deluxe
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This product won't come back in stock. As a substitute, we'll soon have the Aurora Corne available. Check back soon!

Designed by, the Corne LP is a premium case for the Corne keyboard, for those who prefer a lower profile. Made from milled aluminium, the case itself weighs in at approximately 90 grams per half, and 175g per half when fully assembled. It's available in a silver and black anodized aluminium, giving it a modern, stylish look on your desk.

The low profile and premium case make it a good choice for daily use, whether to use it at your desk or taking it with you on the go. The low profile makes it so you don't need a palm rest to type comfortably if you'd usually use one, and the overall size make it easy to pack.

The Corne is one of the most popular split keyboards around due to its unique set of features along with its wide availability of cases. It's is also referred to as the crkbd, or as the Helidox.

With its 42 keys, the Corne is a relatively small form factor keyboard, making it quite portable. It features two 128 by 32 pixel OLED displays which allow for personalisation and per key RGB and underglow as its primary eyecatchers. This low profile variant supports hotswap for Kailh Choc low profile switches. is a European proxy for this keyboard. Do you live in another region? Feel free to check out this product at a vendor in your region:


At, we decided to make choosing your components a little easier. We've set up three editions, which have all the components you'll need. It includes the case, PCB, microcontrollers, a plate, switches, keycaps, and a TRRS cable. As a bonus, getting an Edition will save you up to 15% over getting all the components individually. Read on below to see what's inside each Edition.

Of course, you can pick and choose: these options are also available as individual components, so mixing and matching is possible.

Please mind that these Editions contain kits. They come with all the parts you need to make a complete keyboard, but are not preassembled. Do you prefer not to build it yourself? Please select the "Build it for me" option. Learn more about the build service.

Case Only: €111.53 | €134.95 inc VAT | ≈124USD

Do you already have a Corne with low profile switches, and want to upgrade to this case? Then getting just the case might be enough for you.

The case includes mounting hardware and FR4 plates. Please mind that the plate differs slightly from that of the open source version. Files will be shared by later on so that you'll be able to have your own custom metal plates made.

Essential Edition: €156.98 | €189.95 inc VAT | ≈175USD

The Essential Edition contains everything you need for a functional keyboard in a nice premium case. What you'll get:

  • The Corne LP case in silver or black, including a matching FR4 plate, matching bumpons and mounting hardware;
  • The Corne PCB Kit with PCBs in a matching color (white PCBs for the silver case, black PCBs for the black case), with diodes, TRRS jacks and reset buttons.
  • Two Pro Micro microcontrollers;
  • A set of 36 choc switches to choose from between Brown (tactile), Red (linear) and White (clicky).
  • A set of white Choc keycaps by Kailh, with translucent legends.
  • A metal TRRS cable.

The only thing you'll need to add yourself is a Micro USB cable, and after assembling it yourself you're good to go. There's no need to search for additional components, this is a complete kit.

Comfort Edition: €181.78 | €219.95 inc VAT | ≈202USD

The Comfort Edition has some often desired upgrades over the Essential Edition. It includes everything the Essential Edition has, and has the following additions:

  • One of the microcontrollers has been upgraded to an Elite C. Worry less about breaking off the Micro USB port on the Pro Micro and enjoy ease of use with the USB C port, while keeping it more affordable over upgrading both controllers.
  • RGB LEDs allow for per-key RGB. While you can't see the underglow with this case, the legended keycaps do light up nicely with these LEDs.
  • Two 128x32 pixel OLED displays allow you to indicate layers and personalize your keyboard easily. Two acrylic panels and mounting hardware are included to protect the displays.

Deluxe Edition: €206.57 | €249.95 inc VAT | ≈230USD

The Deluxe Edition leaves you with nothing to wish for: it doesn't get better than this. It has the same upgrades as the Comfort Edition, with the following additions:

  • Both microcontrollers have been upgraded to the Elite C. No need for an extra Micro USB cable, use both sides as the master side interchangeably with only one cable.
  • Mill Max hot swap sockets are included, along with gold-plated pins. No fiddling around with the easily bendable diode legs, just seat these sturdy pins and they're ready to solder.


Editions cannot be modified, but they can be added to: all the products that are contained in an Edition are also available individually. To see them, check out the Keyboard Parts collection.

The upgrade to MBK keycaps has been halted, because the extras in the MBK group buy have been sold out. They may be available for purchase separately later this year.