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Industrial Rotary Encoder

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    An original industrial EC11 encoder by ALPS. Designed to deal with harsh environments, it requires more force to operate giving it very tactile feedback. You'll never miss an actuation when you turn the encoder knob.

    This encoder actuates thirty times on a full cycle, so one full twist will perform thirty actions.

    The encoder also acts as a button, which you can assign in your keymap. The actuation force required is roughly 500 grams, so the button is best used for non-frequent actions.

    This encoder is rated for 100,000 cycles and 100,000 button presses.

    Additional notes

    The resolution of this encoder in QMK is 2. This means you'll want to change a bit of code for your encoder to work correctly. To read how to change this setting, please read My encoder is skipping actions when turning it.

    Multiple encoder types can be used on the same keyboard. The Kyria supports one encoder per half. You can set a specific resolution per encoder in firmware, allowing you to use both an Linear Rotary Encoder and this encoder together.

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