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Myriad Prototyping Bundle

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There's this really cool idea you have, wouldn't it be rad to have... a thing! On my keyboard! If that's you, and the idea you have isn't already an existing Myriad module (or it looks like it but it's not really what you were looking for)... This is the answer: prototyping modules!

In this bundle there are several modules available that break out a variety of controller pins for you to modify. You can solder anything to your module, from a simple button to a rad sensor or actuator.

If the thing you want to use has I2C or VIK, you can also consider using the Myriad Expansion module, which breaks out a QWIIC and VIK connector, which don't require soldering.

What's Myriad?

Myriad is a system that allows you to plug in modules to add new functionality to your keyboard, all without having to solder. It's an open source standard, meaning that anyone will be able to create their own modules, which you can then plug into your keyboard. It's a very capable standard, so we're very curious to see what other modules you will come up with!

What's included?

This bundle includes three different cards:

  • 2 × Breakout module: All pins on the Myriad connector broken out in a few convenient columns. You can't directly mount components to them, but you do have access to all of the pins!
  • 2 × Perma-proto module: Breaks out a few more common pins, as well as pads to solder to. The pads are all spaced 2.54mm apart, which makes it breadboard-compatible: easy to mount and solder common components!
  • 2 × Large perma-proto module: A large version of the perma-proto module, with more space for components.

Open source

You can find the source files for these cards over at the Myriad Github repository. They're free to use for personal use. You can make Gerber files with them to send to a PCB manufacturer, and they're great to use as starting points to make your own modules with!

At your own risk

These modules expose the controller pins directly. As Uncle Ben once said to Peter Parker: "With great power, comes great responsibility": If you have shorts on your module, or defective components, you risk damaging the onboard parts. When using custom modules, we may not be able to honour the warranty of your Elora.


The first revision of these cards may miss some of the silkscreen markings due to a production error. You can refer to the images on this page and the pinout list to connect the right pins.