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SKU CMP-WSB-055-025
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Bundle: 25 LEDs

If your keyboard supports RGB underglow, chances are that these are the LEDs that make it possible. Quite bright and individually addressable, these SMD LEDs are the way to go to make your keyboard shine.

As far as RGB LEDs come, these are relatively large. With their 5050 package, they measure 5 by 5 millimeters.


  • Individually addressable: Set each LED to a different colour or brightness, making it suitable for animations.
  • Package: 5050, 5 by 5 millimeters.
  • Support: Supported by QMK and ZMK firmware.


These LEDs require support by your keyboard kit. Keyboards such as the Kyria support it. Look for the parts list in your build guide or kit product page to see whether it supports these LEDs.