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Zima - 12 key macropad

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    Acrylic cases are made to order, often within a week.
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    Sometimes it's nice to have dedicated buttons for common tasks. Enter the Zima: A twelve key macropad the size of a creditcard. 

    The Zima is feature-packed, letting you experience many aspects of what QMK has to offer in a beginner-friendly package. Display your current layer on the OLED display, let it shine with RGB underglow and give it a twist with the rotary encoder.

    This is a kit. Some assembly is required. Most components come presoldered, you'll only need to solder switches, the OLED display and optional rotary encoder.


    • 12 key macropad
    • Powered by QMK Firmware
    • Onboard microcontroller
    • USB C
    • Cherry MX support
    • 128×32 pixels OLED display (included)
    • RGB underglow
    • Piezo buzzer for audio
    • Optional rotary encoder

    About the options

    The bottom three layers of the matte black case are frosted to let the underglow shine through.

    The high profile case is only compatible with MX switches. There is currently no compatible case for Choc or ALPS switches. A case for these switch types may be designed in the future.

    The switches can be hot swapped using Mill Max sockets. For this board, you'll need 26 of these sockets if you want to hot swap all possible positions.

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    This item does not contain switches or keycaps.

    The Zima has a controller on board for haptic feedback, which should be compatible with Adafruit's Mini Motor Disc. However, I haven't gotten this working yet, so it's not an advertised feature. It may start working in the future through a firmware change, or perhaps a hardware revision will be required. It's an adventure!

    The rotary encoder is optional. An encoder can be used as a key, though it is heavier to press than a switch.

    The PCB supports the use of a stabilizer for a single 2u key, to be used instead of two 1u keys. The current case does not support this feature yet.

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