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Kyria rev3 PCB Kit


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Switch compatibility: MX Hotswap
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The Kyria is a 40% split keyboard with up to 50 keys. What sets it apart are its aggressive yet comfortable columnar stagger, its number of thumb keys that allow you to place many utilities at a thumb's reach, and its many encoder position options.

What's new?

This is the third major revision of the Kyria, and with it come some cool new features! Here's what's new:

  • Per key RGB LEDs are a new option that light up each individual switch from below the PCB, allowing you to add cool effects or a subtle glow.
  • New kit options allow you to use MX or Kailh Choc hot swap sockets. A new hand solder option allows you to still solder on MX or Choc switches with or without sockets, as it allows you to use Mill Max sockets for either switch kind.
  • New encoder positions now allow you to choose from five positions, with up to one encoder per half.

Coming from a previous revision? Be sure to check the remarks at the bottom of this page.


The Kyria rev 3 supports the following features:

  • A comfortable layout with 50 keys;
  • Powered by QMK or ZMK firmware;
  • Support for MX (see remarks) or Kailh Choc (v1 sold at, not v2) switches;
  • MX spacing for all variants;
  • Top mounted controllers for a lower profile;
  • Up to two 128×64 pixel OLED displays;
  • Up to one EC11 rotary encoders per half in one of five possible positions (marked by white circles);
  • Per-key RGB backlight by individual RGB LEDs;
  • Underglow by individual RGB LEDs;
  • Support for a power switch and JST jack for wireless controllers;
  • Support for the tenting puck.

What's included?

Every kit includes:

  • 1 × Left PCB;
  • 1 × Right PCB;
  • 65 × 1N4148 axial signal diode;
  • 5 × 4k7 Ohm axial resistor;
  • 2 × PJ-3200B-4A TRRS Jack, black, and;
  • 2 × Reset button.

The Choc Hotswap kit includes SMD diodes and SMD resistors instead of axial ones.

If you get a hot swap kit, the kit will also include:

  • 50 × Kailh Hotswap socket in either Choc or MX, black.

What's required?

Beyond the kit contents, you'll also need to get the following items to make a working keyboard:

If you're getting the hand solder kit and are going to use Choc switches with a conductive case (like aluminium or FR4 plates), you'll also want to get a set of SMD diodes. You won't be able to clip the legs of axial diodes short enough to avoid accidental shorts.

What's optional?

And lastly, you can get these options to add some bling to your keyboard:

Build Guide

The Kyria is made according to our own Aurora kit standards, and as such you can use our elaborate Aurora Build Guide on our documentation site. It's perfect for beginners and experts alike!


The LEDs on this kit are north-facing. This means they'll light up any legends that may be on your keycaps nicely, provided they're translucent. The caveat of this, is that Cherry-profile keycaps (such as by those by GMK) may interfere with the switch housing. Other keycap profiles together with MX-style switches, along with Kailh low profile choc switches, are all not affected.

Kailh Choc low profile switches and encoders aren't compatible due to current plate options. You can still use them, but you'll want to modify the plate files and cut your own, or modify a store-bought plate with a tool like a file or Dremel.

This revision isn't fully case compatible with earlier revisions. Due to using hot swap sockets on two of the kit options, we had to change the position of the tenting puck and several mounting holes. If you're not using a puck, you can still use previous revision high profile cases.

This revision doesn't allow the use of 2u keycaps on the thumb cluster. Due to using hot swap sockets on two of the kit options and the addition of per-key RGB, there wasn't enough space to accommodate 2u keycaps on the thumb cluster anymore.

This revision did away with the optional 5-column layout. You can't snap off the outer column anymore. It wasn't very popular and it allowed us to add the new kit hot swap options.

Read More

There is extensive documentation available on most aspects of this keyboard. Have a look at these resources to start with:

The case and keycaps shown are not included with this item. This product includes the PCB kit only.