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Mill Max Low Profile Sockets

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Bundle: Set of Sockets

It's always a good idea to check if your microcontroller works before you assemble it, but sometimes they break after you've installed it. Desoldering a microcontroller is a lot of work, and can sometimes destroy your microcontroller board in the process.

With these sockets, removing or replacing a microcontroller from your keyboard will be easier. Reuse a premium microcontroller like an Elite-C or Proton C, or easily remove it in case you want to swap it out.

One set consists of two 12-pin socket strips, enough for a single microcontroller. Please order two sets if you'd like to outfit both halves of a split keyboard.

Mill Max Pins

Socketing your microcontroller with sockets takes some time, but is well worth it. Usually, socketing can be done with diode legs. The metal which diode legs are made of holds up well enough to form a reliable connection. If you intend to reuse your controller, diode legs might not hold up well enough to the removal and reinsertion, bending the legs in the process.

Mill Max socket pins are made of a stronger, more rigid material, holding up better to reuse. They're not required as you can still use diode legs, but they do provide ease of use.

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