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Mill-Max Hot Swap Sockets / Pack of 40

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Some keyboards don't support hot swap by default. Thankfully, there's something you can do about that: install Mill-Max hot swap sockets! After you solder these parts to your keyboard, they allow you to place and replace your switches without having to solder.

Package contents

A single packet contains 40 sockets. You'll need two sockets per switch, so for a Kyria you'll need three packets, while for a full size keyboard you'd need six packets.

Technical specifications

  • These sockets are type 7305.


  • These sockets fit most PCBs. When in doubt, ask the board's designer. For the Kyria, these sockets can be used to socket MX switches, but can not be used to socket Kailh Choc switches. On other keyboards, Choc switches may be hot swapped as well.
  • Hot swap sockets work best with plates with a thickness of 1.5mm. People have varying experiences using them with 3mm acrylic plates - slimmer plates will allow the switches to clip in, making for a more reliable experience. This isn't an issue when soldering the switches, but when hot swapping, you'll appreciate the extra stability.
  • Please consider buying extra sockets. They're tiny and can be difficult to install right in one go.
  • The sockets will not fit Kailh Pro Switches and other switches where one leg of the switch is wider than the other leg. They also can not be used to hot swap rotary encoders.
  • The units on the datasheet are in inches.

Looking to hot swap your microcontroller? Use the Mill Max Low Profile Sockets instead.

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