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Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky Tactile Switch

SKU GZW-U4T-62R-001
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Weight: 62g
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With the U4 switches being universally loved, some of you wondered: what if the silent tactile switch wasn't silent? The U4 Thocky is the result: with a modified stem, these switches will provide a more familiar audible feedback, similar to other tactile switches.

What's in a name? U4 is short for Euphoria, which you'll for sure experience on these switches. If you're one to lube your switches - be sure to give these a try unlubed first, as I've been told they feel great fresh from the factory already. Enjoy!


You can purchase these switches per 10, or in a convenient bundle. Purchasing switches in a bundle will be more affordable than buying them per 10:

  • 50 - for a 40% keyboard (like the Kyria or Planck).
  • 70 - for a 65% keyboard;
  • 90 - for a tenkeyless keyboard;
  • 110 - for a full size keyboard;
  • 200 - for multiple keyboards;

Tech specs

  • Available in two weights: 62g and 68g;
  • U4 Tactile "D" stem: no pretravel, all bump, no post bump travel;
  • A familiar audible feedback due to a modified switch stem;
  • Very smooth feel, removing the need to lube the switch (if you insist, do try them without lube first);
  • Reduced leaf ping due to metal composition and newly designed base along with factory lubed leafs (the slide rails are not lubed);
  • Five pin housing allows for more stable seating on PCBs;
  • Universal base with RGB slot, compatible with all LED styles;
  • Compatible with hotswap sockets such as 7305 Mill Max sockets, Kailh and Gateron MX sockets, and Outemu-only sockets;
  • Korean stainless steel springs for a long lasting, consistent weight.


Using EVA foam in your keyboard, or storing foam near your switches? Beware: EVA foam can cause discoloration. It will not impact functionality or the life of the switch. Read more: EVA Keyboard Foam and Safety.