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Gazzew Bobagum Silent Linear Switch

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Weight: 55g
Bundle: 1 pcs
Top Housing: Clear
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Gazzew is proud to present another switch in his lineup: the Pink Silent Linear switch, also known as the Bobagum! With the same superior plastic, mold, tight tolerances and Korean steel springs which you've come to expect from Gazzew's switches, this time a silent linear switch is ready for you.

The leaf of this switch comes factory lubed. The slide rails and rail slots are dry. If you're one to lube your switches, we recommend you try them unlubed first as it should feel right, right out of the box.

Tech specs

  • Available in three weights: 52g62g and 68g;
  • Available in two switch tops: Gum, which matches the base housing, and Clear, which is more suited to keyboard builds featuring per-key RGB switches;
  • Very smooth feel, removing the need to lube the switch (if you insist, do try them without lube first);
  • Reduced leaf ping due to metal composition and newly designed base along with factory lubed spring bottoms and leafs (the slide rails are not lubed);
  • Five pin housing allows for more stable seating on PCBs;
  • Universal base with RGB slot, compatible with all LED styles;
  • Compatible with hotswap sockets such as 7305 Mill Max sockets, Kailh and Gateron MX sockets, and Outemu-only sockets;
  • Korean stainless steel springs for a long lasting, consistent weight.

Read more

There's a typing test available, made by Taeha Types. The test starts at 4:54:00, and the link should bring you there. Feel free to skip back about 30 seconds to hear mouse clicks for comparison - these switches are very silent!


For Gazzew silent switches, there should be no noticeable difference in sound and feel between the color matched top and the clear top, as the down- and upstrokes will be dampened. In non-silent switches this is different, where the down- and upstrokes would make a different sound when typing.