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Gazzew Boba U4 Black Silent Tactile Switch

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Weight: 65g
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A limited edition Black Boba U4 switch, in celebration of Black History Month. It's a recolour of the renowned tactile U4 switch, designed by Gazzew and in collaboration with 3Dkeebs.

If a race has no history, if it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated.

- Dr. Carter G. Woodson

In Europe, Black History Month gets only little attention. And yet, it is important to keep paying attention toward understanding, acceptance and empowerment. Acceptance of all people, including minorities and your neighbours alike. Together, we as humans came as far as we did. And together, we'll need to move onward toward a kinder, friendlier and more sustainable world, in which our races and backgrounds won't serve to exclude, but to provide rich cultures that we can all enjoy and share in.

Gazzew has worked in tandem with Outemu to produce perhaps his best switch yet: the Boba U4. Tactile, yet silent, this is an ideal switch for those who like to feel their switches actuate while not being a nuisance to their (or others') ears.

What's in a name? U4 is short for Euphoria, which you'll for sure experience on these switches. If you're one to lube your switches - be sure to give these a try unlubed first, as I've been told they feel great fresh from the factory already. Enjoy!


You can purchase these switches per 10, or in a convenient bundle. Purchasing switches in a bundle will be more affordable than buying them per 10:

  • 200 - for multiple keyboards;
  • 110 - for a full size keyboard;
  • 90 - for a tenkeyless keyboard;
  • 70 - for a 65% keyboard;
  • 50 - for a 40% keyboard (like the Kyria or Planck).

Tech specs

  • Available in 65g (force required to bottom out);
  • U4 Silent Tactile "D" stem: no pretravel, all bump, no post bump travel;
  • Very smooth feel, removing the need to lube the switch (if you insist, do try them without lube first);
  • Reduced leaf ping due to metal composition and newly designed base along with factory lubed spring bottoms and leafs (the slide rails are not lubed);
  • Five pin housing allows for more stable seating on PCBs;
  • Universal base with RGB slot, compatible with all LED styles;
  • Compatible with hotswap sockets such as 7305 Mill Max sockets, Kailh and Gateron MX sockets, and Outemu-only sockets;
  • Korean stainless steel springs for a long lasting, consistent weight.

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Using EVA foam in your keyboard, or storing foam near your switches? Beware: EVA foam can cause discoloration. It will not impact functionality or the life of the switch. Read more: EVA Keyboard Foam and Safety.