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Kailh Low Profile Choc Switches

Original price €0,82 - Original price €33,84
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€0,82 excluding taxes
€0,82 - €33,84
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€0,82 excluding taxes
Color: Pink (linear)
Amount: 1 switch

Kailh Choc switches are low profile, ideal for builds that focus on achieving a low height and for and keyboards you'd like to take with you on the go.

  • Pink (20gf, Linear, a recolour of Light Blue)
  • Light Blue (20gf, Linear, also known as "gChoc", discontinued at
  • Pro Red (35gf, Linear)
  • Crystal Red (35gf, Linear, 3 pins)
  • Silver (40gf, Linear)
  • Red (50gf, Linear)
  • Black (60gf, Linear)
  • Brown (50gf, Tactile)
  • White (50gf, Clicky)
  • Robin (60gf, Clicky, gold plated springs)
  • Pale Blue (70gf, Clicky)

All Choc switches actuate at a travel of 1.5mm and have a total travel of 3mm. All switch forces are expressed in gram-force, and fall within a tolerance of ±10gf.


  • Kailh Low Profile switches are only compatible with keycaps that are made for them. They are not compatible with other keycaps, for example those for MX switches,
  • All Kailh Low Profile switches have five pins: the two metal switch pins, a center post and two side posts which are part of the bottom housing. Only the Crystal Red switch lacks the side posts, and thus is a three-pin switch.
    • Side posts can be clipped using flush cutters if the keyboard doesn't support side posts. These days, most keyboards do support side posts.
    • Side posts give some extra stability and alignment to switches, which is useful when hot swapping switches and when using a keyboard without a case.