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A macro photo filled with Mill Max 7305 Hot Swap Sockets.
A macro photo filled with Mill Max 7305 Hot Swap Sockets.
A macro photo of two Mill Max 7305 sockets, with one showing the side and one showing the top and part of the inside.
A technical drawing of the Mill Max 7305 hot swap socket, showing its dimensions.
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Mill-Max Hot Swap Sockets

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    Acrylic cases are made to order, often within a week.
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    Some boards do not support hot swap. Thankfully, there's something you can do about that: install Mill-Max hot swap sockets!

    These sockets are Mill-Max' type 7305.

    A single packet contains 110 sockets, enough to outfit all switch positions on a Kyria with two sockets left.


    For the Kyria and other boards we sell, the sockets fit MX switches.

    Please consider buying extra sockets. They're tiny and can be difficult to install right in one go. I advice buying around 20 sockets extra so you're allowed some second chances.

    The sockets won't fit Kailh Choc Low Profile switches, Kailh Pro Switches, and on other switches where one leg of the switch is wider than the other leg. They also cannot be used to hot swap rotary encoders.

    The units on the datasheet are in inches.

    Looking to hot swap your microcontroller? You can use the Mill Max Low Profile Sockets.

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    To learn why you'd want (or maybe wouldn't want) to use hot swap sockets, read Why would I want to use hot swap sockets for my switches?

    To learn how to install the sockets, read How do I install Mill Max Hot Swap Sockets?

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