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Kyria Acrylic Plate Case

Original price €24,75 - Original price €24,75
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€24,75 excluding taxes
€24,75 - €24,75
Current price €29,95
€24,75 excluding taxes
Colour: Clear
Key Compatibility: MX and Choc
Edition: Full (6 columns) / Full Plate

While it's possible to use your Kyria without a case, protecting it with an an outer layer prevents accidental shorts and makes the keyboard more rigid in use.

A 3mm thick layer acrylic protects the bottom of your new split keyboard, while a clear guard window protects the OLED display. The clear variant directs the underglow through its edges, while the frosted variant provides a more subtle diffused effect. The matte black case doesn't allow any light through and uses a dark clear OLED window, providing a more muted, distinct look.


  • Two 3mm acrylic plates
  • Two 3mm acrylic bottoms
  • Two 3mm acrylic OLED display windows
  • Mounting hardware


The tenting puck is an accessory that allows you to tent your keyboard using a tripod. Every case has a top plate that's already compatible with the puck. The "Full Plate" option has a fully enclosed bottom plate, while the puck compatible case will have a hole cut out in the bottom to seat the puck.

If you choose to not go with the puck compatible case, it's still possible to add one later on without desoldering by purchasing puck bottom plates separately.


This listing is for the case only. You'll also need a Kyria PCB Kit.

You'll most likely want the full case, which is compatible with the full Kyria. If you're looking for fewer keys, you can snap off the outer column, which is when you'll want the smaller version with five columns.

This case is compatible with the 2u stabilizers sold on, when used with MX-compatible switches. The case is not compatible with screw-in stabilizers.

The keyboard and keycaps shown are not included with this item. This product includes the case for the keyboard only.